Casino – The Gambler’s Paradise


Casino was a huge gamble for director Martin Scorsese to make with the studios, and it paid off in spades. Not only does it tell a fascinating history of Vegas but also demonstrates how big business muscled out the mob and transformed Sin City into the world’s premier gambling mecca.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a casino. Champagne glasses clink and the music is upbeat, creating a festive atmosphere that makes it fun to try your luck with a game of chance. However, most people who go to casinos are looking for more than just a quick win. There is something about being surrounded by people who want to win that encourages cheating, scamming and stealing. And it doesn’t seem to matter that these actions ultimately hurt the people who perpetrate them.

The odds are stacked against gamblers in casino games and most people walk out of the building with less money in their pockets than when they came in. Unless you are a professional card counter, there is no way to beat the house over the long term.

That’s why casinos remove all indicators of time on the house floor, including clocks and windows. They want you to lose track of time and stay lost in play for as long as possible. Even when you’re aching to hit the restroom, they hope that you don’t leave too soon, as you will be more likely to press your luck again if you are still playing.